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Jammin’ for the Fall

SCIPP attended Jennings’ annual Jamboree to celebrate back-to-school time. This great event brings students, parents, teachers, and school administers together in one spot. What a great way to spread the word on Health & Wellness activities in JSD! It looks like it’s going to be an exciting school year!!


Physical Activity 

Last year marked many great efforts for Jennings in Health & Wellness.  A new PE curriculum was purchased for the elementary schools, called SPARK. This curriculum has been shown to increase physical activity levels in students during class time. Reports from PE teachers have been very positive! We are hoping to expand the use of this curriculum to more grades this upcoming school year!

Also this year, SCIPP will be partnering with Jackie Joyner-Kersee to engage community members and encourage them to get healthy! Jackie will be hosting town hall meetings to empower the community to create a healthier environment for its members. This is an exciting time for health & wellness!


This past school year brought about a new Health & Wellness policy and procedures for Jennings School District. This new policy was approved by JSD Board of Education and will be implemented this school year. As part of this policy and procedures, healthier school meal guidelines were created that included increased servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fairview Primary and Intermediate schools also built a fabulous school garden for their students. This garden was described in the previous post. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with HopeBuild and expanding the learning environmented for these students! In addition, a new Nutrition Education curriculum was purchased for Jennings. The curriculum, Healthy Kids Challenge, is based around the most up-to-date nutrition information. Students will be learning the benefits of healthy eating and creating their very own plate!




This past year has also brought changes in the tobacco environment within Jennings School District. Tobacco-Free signs are now posted around the campus grounds and all school buildings. These signs reinforce JSD’s tobacco free policy.


Additionally, American Lung Association developed a new tobacco curriculum to be taught in health education. This curriculum spans the all grade levels, K – 12. Jennings PE teachers and school nurses provided invaluable input during the developmental stages so that this curriculum could be seamlessly implemented this school year. Students will learn the dangers of smoking!


The Jamboree is just the beginning of this exciting school year. We hope our goals are met and even surpassed for this amazing community!

Take it away dance crew:


Join Fairview’s Slide Class every Tuesday and Thursday night from 4-6pm!

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Spring into Action with a Community Garden!

Talk about fresh!! Fairview Intermediate and Primary will have wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the summer and fall this year thanks to their NEW community garden!


A poster from Fairview art students for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Since the SCIPP project began, Fairview Intermediate and Primary have expressed a desire to build a community garden for their students and community members. It was a great collaborative effort to get funding, land, commitment, and everything else before real progress could be made on building a garden. But Fairview’s Taskforce persevered!

In March, SCIPP found a wonderful connection with HopeBuild to make this dream a reality. With the amazing guidance of HopeBuild, the garden was designed by Fairview taskforce members, and the details were put in place. The garden plot was even selected right in Fairview’s playground. Student will have easy access to this amazing outdoor learning environment!


Students learning about gardening already!

The garden project will continue through the school year, and students will be responsible for maintaining the beds. The garden will become a core part of the Afterschool Program at the Fairviews. Community volunteers will also be utilized while students are out of for the summer months to make sure it’s ready for the students in the fall.



HopeBuild is a wonderful organization empowers underserved communities to lead healthy lifestyles and enrich neighborhoods through increased access to fresh foods, urban produce gardens, and nutrition education. Visit HopeBuild’s website for more information:

This remarkable project could not have been completed without the efforts of so many people. Students, principals, parents, community members, and even City Council members took part in this groundbreaking project for Jennings students and community members.


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Do You Go Bananas? Or Maybe Grapes?

Today, high school students in Jennings School District had a special opportunity to have their voices heard! They were asked what fruits and vegetables they like to eat. Many may think that students that age don’t really want to eat any fruits or vegetables, but their survey answers showed differently! Don’t worry, specifics of their survey responses will be posted shortly, so everyone can see what our kids enjoy eating.

This surveying is an effort to give students a voice as we collaboratively work with school foodservice to provide fruits and vegetables that kids enjoy. If they like the fruits and vegetables that are offered, the students will be more likely to eat them!

Take a look at our amazing Health & Wellness Coordinator, Monique Norfolk, getting ready the surveys ready before the lunchtime rush of students!

Monique is so great at color coordinating!

The next step will be to find affordable, convenient ways to integrate the preferred fruits and vegetables into school meals. Stay tuned to get a step by step look at our progress towards a healthier school environment!

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Who We Are

Schools and Communities in Partnership Project (SCIPP) is a grant project working within Jennings School District in Jennings, Missouri.

The goals of SCIPP are to increase rates of physical activity, increase fresh fruit and vegetable intake, and reduce tobacco exposure among students in the Jennings School District (JSD).  These goals will be achieved through the formulation and implementation of a JSD Health and Wellness Policy, encompassing three main policy categories:

1. Physical Education and Activity Access

2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in the Food Supply

3.Tobacco Exposure.

This grant has partnered with Jennings for almost a year now. We hope to continue for another one to two more years!

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Enjoy Your Fruits

Check out the beautiful salad bar at Jennings’ Hanrahan Intermediate school!

Students can choose as much fruit as they like during school lunch!

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